Audit and Ethics Committee

Audit and Ethics Committee

The Audit and Ethics Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee and the Tribal Council of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and approved by Tribal Council in accordance with Chapter 117, Article V of the Cherokee Code. The Audit and Ethics Committee assists the Office of Internal Audit and Ethics in monitoring:

  1. The integrity of the financial statements of the Tribe
  2. The independent auditor’s qualifications, independence, and performance
  3. The performance of the Tribe’s internal audit function
  4. The compliance of the Tribe with legal and regulatory requirements
  5. Adequate systems of internal controls operate within the Tribal government

The primary mission of the Audit and Ethics Committee is to assist the Tribal government in fulfilling its financial and control responsibilities to ensure the safeguarding of Tribal assets by reviewing the reports issued by the Office of Internal Audit, which will be provided to management, and the systems of internal controls established by management.

The Audit and Ethics Committee, comprised of five voting* members and four non-voting members, meets at least quarterly.


738 Acquoni Road
PO Box 455
Cherokee, NC 28719


828-359-7030 (Office)
828-359-0410 (Fax)